About Orderize

Orderize is a digital aid that creates an effective workplace and ensures profitable business.

Orderize makes customer services always present and modernizes hospitality industry. It helps you improve working environment conditions as well as solves the problems with understaffing.

Our goal is to enhance customer experience through wider spread of digital services and empower innovations that leverage technology.


Increase revenue

With Orderize, guests tend to buy more and more often. The order value for self-service is up to 30% higher. Total sales increase is 22% on average.


Save time

Orderize, releases on average 10 minutes per table per company. Customers do not have to queue at the bar or wait for waitor which results in 60% decrease order wait time.


Customer service

Always present customer service. Never keep a customer waiting. Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

By scanning a QR code on the table or in a hotel room, the customer is presented with your illustrated digital menu, and is able to create an order within seconds. Orderize’s intelligent menu system helps you with additional sales and never gets tired of recommending an extra side order. The order is automatically routed to your POS*, printer or an order panel. Scan the QR code and try it out yourself from your customers perspective.



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